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Y-Bearing Tollerances

Y-Bearing Tollerances

The bore and outside diameter of SKF Y-bearings are produced to tolerances indicated in the table. Symbols used are explained in the following. The values specified there for bearings in the

  • YAT, YAR, YET and YEL series conform to ISO 9628:1992
  • 17262(00)-2RS1 and 17263(00)-2RS1 series conform to ISO 492:2002.

Bearings in the YSA 2 K series are manufactured with a tapered bore, taper 1:12. The tolerances for the tapered bore can be found in the table. The hexagonal or square bore of bearings in the YHB 2, YHC 2 and YQC 2 series is produced to tolerance 0/+0,25 mm.

Symbols d = nominal bore diameter

?dmp = deviation of the mean bore diameter from the nominal

D = nominal outside diameter

?Dmp = deviation of the mean outside diameter from the nominal

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