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Y-Bearing Speeds

Y-Bearing Speeds

The speeds at which a Y-bearing can operate depends on the type of seal that is used and the method used to lock the bearing onto the shaft. In applications where Y-bearings with

  • grub screws, series YAT 2 and YAR 2-2F, or
  • eccentric locking collar and a grub screw, series YET 2 and YEL 2-2F

are used, the permissible operating speeds also depend on the shaft tolerance. The higher the figure following the tolerance symbol h, the lower the permissible speed. Guideline values for the limiting speeds are provided in the table.

For bearings with rubberised flingers (2RF design) the limiting speed is some 60% of the values quoted in the table for bearings mounted on h6 tolerance shaft. The limiting speed for Y-bearings for inch shafts are the same as those for the same basic metric bearing.

For Y-bearings with a

  • tapered bore on an adapter sleeve, series YSA 2 FK + H 23
  • standard inner ring, series 17262(00)-2RS1 and 17263(00)-2RS1

the limiting speed depends on the seals. The values for the limiting speed are provided in the product tables and in the table to enable easy comparison.

The limiting speeds for Y-bearings for inch shafts are the same as those for the same basic metric bearing.

Y-bearings with a hexagonal or square bore, YHB, YHC and YQC series, are developed for bearing arrangements where speeds are relatively slow, i.e. up to approximately 500 r/min. Contact the SKF application engineering service if speeds will exceed the recommended limit.

For information about the permissible speeds at which

  • Y-bearings for high temperature applications (fig)
  • Y-bearings with Solid Oil (fig)

can operate please refer to section "Engineering products”

  • Bearings and bearing units for high temperatures
  • Bearings and bearing units with Solid Oil.

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