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Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings

Paired single row tapered roller bearings

For bearing arrangements where the load carrying capacity of a single tapered roller bearing is inadequate, or where the shaft has to be axially located in both directions with a given positive or negative axial play, the bearings listed in the section "Single row tapered roller bearings", can be supplied as matched pairs arranged

Matched pair

  • face-to-face (fig)

  • Tapered roller bearings arranged face-to-face

  • back-to-back (fig)

  • Tapered roller bearings arranged back-to-back

  • in tandem (fig).

  • Tapered roller bearings arranged in tandem

Matched bearing sets provide an economic solution to many bearing arrangement problems and offer many advantages, including

  • simple mounting, since calibration of intermediate rings is not required, so that mounting errors are avoided
  • exact axial location of the shaft; the axial play is determined during manufacture
  • high radial and axial load carrying capacity
  • simple maintenance; the lubricant can be introduced via the annular groove and lubrication holes in the intermediate ring.

SKF can supply matched bearing sets in the arrangements described in the following. The bearing pairs shown in the product table are only part of the comprehensive SKF programme. Other bearing sets can be supplied to order.