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Sealed Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Sealed Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The most popular sizes of deep groove ball bearings are also produced in sealed versions with shields or contact seals on one or both sides. Details about the suitability of the different seals for various operating conditions can be found in table 1. Sealed bearings in the 622, 623 and 630 wide series are particularly suitable for long maintenance-free service. In addition, ICOS bearing units with integrated radial shaft seals are available for higher sealing requirements.

The bearings with shields or seals on both sides are lubricated for life and are maintenance-free. They should not be washed nor heated to temperatures above 80 C. Depending on the series and size, deep groove ball bearings are supplied charged with different standard greases:

DiameterOutside diameter, mm
SeriesD = 30  30 < D = 62D > 62
 d < 10d = 10  

8, 9LHT23LT10MT47MT33
0, 1, 2, 3MT47MT47MT47MT33

Characteristics of the above standard greases are listed in table 2. The standard grease is not identified in the bearing designation. The quantity of grease fills some 25 to 35% of the free space in the bearing. To special order, other grease filling grades are available. Also on request, bearings with special greases (table 2) can be supplied, such as high temperature grease GXN wide temperature range grease GWB low temperature grease LT20 high temperature grease GJN wide temperature range and silent running grease LHT23 (for bearings where it is not standard).