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Deep groove ball bearings: Motor encoder units

Deep groove ball bearings: Motor encoder units

Encoders for modern AC motors

Being able to accurately monitor the status of rotating components is critical in many applications. Modern AC motors require encoders to continuously monitor speed, position and direction of rotation. These encoders, which are typically external to the motor, are exposed to environmental conditions, which in some cases can have a significant impact on service life.

Integrated units from SKF

SKF motor encoders, however, are mechatronic units that combine sensor and bearing technology. Available for shaft diameters ranging from 15 to 45 mm, these encoder units are mounted directly inside the motor and require only 6 mm of extra space in the axial direction. The sensor body, impulse ring and bearing are mechanically attached to each other, forming a compact, integrated, ready-to-mount unit that is shielded from external influences. SKF motor encoder units, which can be installed on the drive or driven side of asynchronous motors, provide a medium resolution signal between 32 and 80 digital pulses per revolution. They can accurately detect speeds from zero to 20 000 r/min.

Encoder units for harsh environments

SKF also has a series of motor encoder units designed for harsh operating conditions. For more information, contact the SKF application engineering service.